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***** fcountry *****
Command : fcountry 
Usage   : set fcountry 
Use this function to change the country flag appearing next to your username
when you play and in your profile (Dasher).
To change your flag, type "/set fcountry XX". Where XX is the country of your
choice.  Some examples:
"/set fcountry US" - for the United States     
"/set fcountry CA" - for Canada 
"/set fcountry FR" - for France
"/set fcountry ??" - (Default) resets the flag back to "Dynamic", choosing a 
                     flag based on your current IP address. 
For a full list of country codes, go here:
Picking a flag is optional. By default your flag is set to "dynamic", and is
based on your current IP address.  As an example, if you are connecting from 
France, your flag will be the French flag.
You can view your current flag setting by issuing the "/personal" command and
look for the "Flag country:" setting.  If your flag does show on the game board, 
double check that you set the two character Country code correctly.  
Alternatively, if you do not want to fly a flag, you can set the flag to a 
non-existent Country, like "/set fcountry zz".
Flags are currently available in Dasher, BlitzIn, ICC for Mac, and the ICC mobile
clients.  If you are interested in supporting flags in your chess software, or
use software that supports the flags and is not listed above, please send email to and let us know.

* NOTE FOR Dasher and BlitzIn users: This feature requires a minimum of 
Dasher 1.5.5 or BlitzIn 3.05. Download here:
See also: personal, Dasher, BlitzIn, country