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***** CENSOR *****

If someone is verbally abusing or annoying you, you can add them to your
censor list.  For example,

       +censor Fred

would add Fred to your censor list.  If someone is on your censor list,
you will not see tells, says, whispers, kibitzes, shouts, sshouts,
channel tells, messages, or match requests from that person.  They will
not be able to communicate with you at all.

You cannot send tell or say commands to someone you are censoring.

You can see your censor list by typing "=censor".  You can remove
someone from your censor list.  For example, "-censor Fred".

Please read "help lists" for other lists you can modify, and 
"help atmosphere" for a description of unacceptable behavior on ICC.

If someone is bothering you, you can censor them.  If you feel their
behavior seriously violates ICC's atmosphere policy, please report them
to an administrator.  But please do NOT shout insults at the person or
engage them in profanity.  Other ICC members are not interested in
listening to personal fights.  Thank you.

See also:  rude, lists, privacy, atmosphere, complain