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***** BOTS *****

Here's a list of some of the main and most popular computers on ICC.
You can see more detailed information about each account with "finger 
". If you have any suggestions or additions to this list,
message EeEk. Please include the necessary details, such as 
approximate playing strength, which wild types it plays and so on.



These are accounts in which you can practice your endgame or tactical skills.
The endgame accounts such as KBNk will tell you in how many moves until mate.
For more about Trainingbot and Problembot, please read "help Trainingbot".

TrainingBot  "play TrainingBot"  Practice chess problems
ProblemBot   "play ProblemBot"   Compositions only

KBNk "play KBNk"       Mate with King+Bishop+Knight vs King
KQkn "play KQKn"       Mate with King+Queen vs King+Knight
KQkr "play KQkr"       Mate with King+Queen vs King+Rook
KRkn "play KRkn"       Mate with King+Rook vs King+Knight
KBBk "play KBBk"       Mate with King+Bishop+Bishop vs King
KQk  "play KQk"        Mate with King+Queen vs King
KRk  "play KRk"        Mate with King+Rook vs King
*** NORMAL BOTS *** 

These accounts have the advantage that they can play simultaneously.
This means that you do not need to wait for the computer to finish its game,
but it is capable of playing several games at once. These accounts are fully
automated and have no operator, but are maintained by wohl.

                             Approximate playing strength              
BabyBach   "play BabyBach"   500-1000   900-1200   600-800            
BachChoy   "play BachChoy"   800-1000   1000-1300
ReBach     "play ReBach"     800-1100   1200-1500
StrongBach "play StrongBach" 1700-1900  1800-2000      
JSBach     "play JSBach"     1800-2000  1900-2100
PDQBach    "play PDQBach"    1000-1200  1400-1600
JackBach   "play JachBach"   1200-1500
WimpB      "play WimpB"      1600-1900
WimpC      "play WimpC"      1300-1600                        
WimpD      "play WimpD"      1100-1300                        
WimpE      "play WimpE"      900-1100                         
BulletB    "play BulletB"    1500-1700                        
BulletC    "play BulletC"    1200-1500                        
BulletD    "play BulletD"               600-1300              
SlowFlo    "play SlowFlo"                          1000-1200
SlowMoe    "play SlowMoe"                          1700-2000
SlowBo     "play SlowBo"                           1800-2100
BethO      "play BethO"                            1600-1900
Tortoise   "play Tortoise"                         1600-1900
Molasses   "play Molasses"                         1500-1800

                              Approximate playing strength 
 BachInBlack     OrionsKnight    1300-1600   1300-1600   1300-1600
 mscp            marcelk         1600-2000
 Saevita         Origin22        1300-1800
 Riva            Origin22                                1400-1900
 yacc            LoseOften                               1400-1800   
 morph2                           500-1000
 Javlek          Origin22                    1300-1800
 PaleRider       fredd           2100-2400               2100-2400 
 UkrainianMachin fromage         1000-1400   1400-1800   1200-1400
 ChickenBot      thunderchicken  2000-2400   2000-2400   2000-2400
 Trueno          ChessicStudent  1900-2200   2100-2300   1900-2200
 GotLucky        StoleIt         1100-1400  
*** WILD BOTS ***

These accounts play various "wild" chess types. For more information about
this, see "help wild". These bots may not be online at any time and they can 
only play one game at a time, so sometimes you will not be able to type for 
example "play Fark". Usually this should be possible if it's not playing at the 
moment. See also "finger " e.g "finger Fark" for more information.

 Oliphaunt       OrionsKnight   Wild (28)
 ShatranjBot     OrionsKnight   Wild (28)
 Crazymouse      Finika         Wild (25, 27), Loser's, Crazyhouse
 Wildfire        OrionsKnight   Loser's, Crazyhouse
 Moon-Bot        bob-marley     Loser's 
 CityChicken     Fegor          Wild (27)
 CityWok         Fegor          Wild (27)
 FischerRandom   OrionsKnight   Wild (22)

[EeEk, 08/18/2007]

See also: computers, bot-policies, Tomato, Trainingbot