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***** IMGM2 *****

Some IMs and GMs wish to play anonymously on  We will
give one free anonymous account to IMs, GMs, WGMs and WIM's under these

1) The player must have a non-anonymous account which meets the
requirements of "help IMGM", and must have provided proof of
identity as described there.

2) The player must have had the public account for at least one month.

3) The player must use the anonymous account LESS than the 
public account.  This includes both number of games played and
accumulated hours.

4) The anonymous account will have the GM or IM label, but does
not need to have the real name visible to "finger".  The anonymous
account will be added to the nobest list, which prevents it from
appearing on the "best" lists.

Titled players who do not wish to follow these rules for their
anonymous account can always pay for the anonymous account.  In that
case the account will not be required to follow any of these rules.

The free accounts for titled players are to be used ONLY by the owner
of the account.  Any abuse (See "help abuse" for more info)on either 
account will result in loss of the anonymous account.

To receive the free anonymous account, please register the new username
and message BrianSP telling your public handle and your anonymous username.
Only one free anonymous account for each player.

[EeEk, 8/18/2004]

See also: IMGM, best