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         ***** Dasher FAQ *****



- *Q: What is ICC Dasher?*
- A: ICC Dasher is a Windows program for connecting and playing on the 
  Internet Chess Club.  You can read more here:

- *Q: Where can I download Dasher?*
- A: You can download and try it out for free. Visit the download page:

- *Q: What is the latest version?*
- A: The latest version for download:
  and its release notes:

- *Q: How do I report bugs, suggest new features, or give feedback?*
- A: Message DasherBugs online or send an email to

- *Q: Will Dasher replace BlitzIn?*
- A: ICC Dasher is intended as an alternative to BlitzIn, not the next
  version of BlitzIn. For the foreseeable future, BlitzIn will continue
  to be available alongside Dasher, so you should not feel obligated
  to make the switch.  However, if there are specific features in BlitzIn
  that you think should be offered in Dasher, we would welcome your
  suggestions for future versions.

- *Q: Is Dasher the same as the Chess Live interface?*
- A: Recognizing the appeal of the Chess Live interface for many users,
  ICC licensed the software from GamesParlor.  Besides adapting it for
  the ICC server, we have extended it in a number of areas.


- *Q: How do I find out how things work in Dasher?*
- A: Dasher has a good interactive help system.  In the window titlebars
  there is a small ? icon.  Clicking on it will present you with documentation 
  about that window.

- *Q: Where's the seek graph?*
- A: Select the Activities window and click the "Seek Ads" tab.  If you 
  don't see an Activities window, select Activities from the Window menu.

- *Q: Can I use other engines for analyzing?*
- A: Yes, ICC Dasher can use some chess engines that fully support the
  WinBoard 2 protocol.  Put the engine .EXE and associated files somewhere
  under the Dasher engines folder and select it in the settings.  Dasher
  has been tested successfully with Spike 1.2, Crafty 20.14, Ruffian 1.0.1,
  Zappa 1.1, and GnuChess 5.07.  ChessBase .ENG files can't be used.
  Update: Dasher now also supports the UCI protocol as well!

- *Q: Where can I change the settings?*
- A: Open up the Settings dialog by clicking the Settings button on the
  main toolbar.  There are different tabs in the dialog for accessing
  different kinds of options.

- *Q: How do I stop captured pieces from animating?*
- A: Open the Settings dialog, click the Playing tab, uncheck Animate
  Captures, and hit OK.

- *Q: Does Dasher have material count?  How do I turn it on?*
- A: Yes.  It is always on and shows in the titlebar of the game window,
  along with the wild type and time control.

- *Q: Does Dasher have user buttons?*
- A: ICC Dasher has Quick Commands accessible from the main toolbar.  
  You can set these in the Quick Cmds tab in the Settings dialog.
  Other options are Context Commands (Settings:Context Cmds) and
  aliases ("help alias").

- *Q: How do I make the board larger?*
- A: Uncheck "Border" in the Board Layout tab of the Settings dialog.
  You can maximize the game window by clicking the square
  maximize button (second from right) in the game window's title-bar.
  You can also turn off the display of captured pieces (click the
  Playing tab of the Settings dialog, uncheck "Show Captured Pieces",
  click OK) and the hide the game chat display (click "Toggle Kibitz
  Window" button on the board window's toolbar).

- *Q: Does Dasher have premove?  How do I turn it on?*
- A: Yes, ICC Dasher has premove.  If it's not already on, check
  "Premove" in the Playing 2 tab of the Settings dialog.

- *Q: Is there a notify list?*
- A: Yes.  Click the Friends tab of the Activities window.

- *Q: How do I turn off the web browser on startup?*
- A: Uncheck "Show news on login" in the General tab of the Settings dialog.

- *Q: I can't connect with Dasher*
- A: I can think of many possible reasons for this:
  - You have BlitzIn specifically allowed in your firewall, whereas there
    is no such exception for Dasher.  
  - Your firewall is blocking the port Dasher is connecting to, but not 
    the one BlitzIn is connecting to.  (This release of Dasher doesn't 
    allow you to specify a port though.)
  - You are connecting to in BlitzIn or using BlitzIn 2.5's 
    proxy settings. Possible solutions:
    1.- Try making an exception in your firewall for Dasher, or
    2.- In Dasher, try selecting "Main (anti-firewall)" in the Login dialog.

Last update: [7 jul 2010]