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Setup Komodo with BlitzIn

First, go to and download your purchased copy of the Komodo chess engine.


Depending on your web browser, you will be asked to Open or Save it, or it will automatically download to your default download location.   If you are asked,  select "Save File".  This file is zipped (compressed). Thus, once saved, right-click on the file that starts to Extract the contents.

Install Komodo chess engine in BlitzIn


Extract the files into a Folder, for example My Documents.  NOTE:   ICC recommends the below locations if you also plan to use Dasher, ICC for Windows or other ICC interfaces:

If you have a 64 bit machine:   %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Common Files\Internet Chess Club\Engines\
If you have a 32 bit machine:   %PROGRAMFILES%\Common Files\Internet Chess Club\Engines\ 

Once extracted, Open Blitzin and select “Edit -> Settings -> Engine/DGT" from the top menu. You should see a UCI Engine configuration screen.

Setup Komodo chess engine for BlitzIn

Click Browse and navigate to where you extracted the files and select the 32 bit or 64 bit version of the engine.  

Setup Komodo chess engine for BlitzIn

Now click OK on the configuration page and your new engine is ready to use.

Setup Komodo chess engine for BlitzIn


Q: How do I use more threads/cores?

A:  Go to EDIT -> SETTINGS -> ENGINE/DGT and copy:  setoption name Threads value 2  in the Options box.   You can set the thread count to as many CPU cores as your machine has.  The example would use 2 threads/cores.

Setup Komodo chess engine for BlitzIn

Q:  I don't see the analysis option below the game board.  What do I do?

A:  Make sure your "Board Console" is turned on.  Go to EDIT-> SETTINGS -> BOARD/Pieces and make sure "Board Console" has a check beside it.   You will then have an Analysis tab below the game board.

Setup Komodo chess engine for BlitzIn


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