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Whatspp Instructions

How to create a new Whatsapp Group.

First, open the app, and click the top right icon as shown below.

Create Whatsapp Group


Next, add the participants, click the + Add Participants button.

Add Participants


TIP!: You can make other participants Group Admins, so they can also add or remove participants, and initiate the phone call. Click the user you want to make admin, and select MAKE GROUP ADMIN.


Make Group Admin


Once you've added all the players, give the group a name, and click CREATE.



Start the call: to initiate the call, click on the Group you created and click the phone icon (top right).


Make Call


Questions and Answers

Q: I got disconnected, how do I rejoin a call.

A: If you get disconnected, do not call the admin or anyone individually, as that's going to create a one-to-one call between you and that person. Instead, send a text in the Group Chat and ask that you be dialed back in.

Q: I'm an admin for the call and I got disconnected, how do I rejoin.

A:If you're a group admin and you get disconnected, you can click the phone icon on the top right, and redial everyone (see picture above).

Q: I'm a group admin, how do I rejoin somone that got disconnected.

A: Either a) redial the whole group or b) click the plus sign on the top right of the call, and add the participant that got disconnected.

Q: Should I create a new group for each tournament or weekend, or recycle the same group every tournament/weekend.

A: That comes down to personal preference. What we've been doing most of the time is creating a new group for each weekend, naming it for instance "CCA Nov 21-22" and adding the appropriate people. The alternative, is to create a generic group (for example "CCA-ICC tournaments") and each week add/remove participants to that same group.