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KarjaKING and Prince Magnus

Added on 05.16.2013

Seven rounds of amazing chess at the 1st Norway Chess Tournament, with Sergey Karjakin - the 23-year-old Russian chess genius - on the sole lead, waiting for the last two rounds. Only one player has...Full Story

The ultimate Super Tournament!

Added on 05.06.2013

One of the strongest - if not the strongest - ever tournaments is starting May the 8th, for the joy of all the chess fans. Norway, homeland of Numero Uno Magnus Carlsen,  has managed to invite the...Full Story

Paris, S. Petersburg!

Added on 04.20.2013

April the 21st. This is the day we will again see most of the best players in the world crossing kings and queens over the board.Levon Aronian, Vladimir Kramnik, Vishy Anand, Peter Svidler andBoris...Full Story

2nd ICC Open!

Added on 04.07.2013

ICC will have the Second Annual ICC Open tournament! It is a member-only, $4,000 cash-prize class tournament. There will be 5 sections: Open, U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600. There will be four...Full Story

Three to go, Uno at the helm!

Added on 03.28.2013

The FIDE Candidates is proving to be a very interesting and thrilling event. The top two players, Carlsen and Aronian, entered Round 9 in a joint leadership. In Round 9 what was to be considered one...Full Story

Aronian in the lead!

Added on 03.19.2013

The most awaited event of the year has finally started! Round 1 was quite uneventful - with four draws - but Rounds 2 and 3 have provided the chess fans with entertainment and some good chess.Magnus...Full Story

Seven Samurai. And One Master.

Added on 03.14.2013

People say that in London to play the FIDE Candidates Tournament, there will be Magnus Carlsen and seven other guys. You know, vox populi vox Dei, as the ancient saying has it, but actually no result...Full Story

Four musketeers, only one D’artagnan!

Added on 03.04.2013

Last year it was a Highlander feat, with the head-to-head between Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian. It finished in a draw, spoiling the famous refrain "there can be only one". This year the...Full Story

Welcome back, Mr. World Champion!

Added on 02.20.2013

World Champion Vishy Anand, after the convincing performance at the Tata Steel Tournament, keeps up playing good chess and wins the Grenke Chess classic in Baden-Baden.  It's been a nearly 5-year...Full Story

Busy wait!

Added on 02.03.2013

Magnus' impressive victory in the Tata Steel 2013 - even the King Garry Kasparov complimented Carlsen on the social networks - with a startling +7 (10 out of 13), has led all the chess fans to hope...Full Story

Mare Magnus

Added on 01.24.2013

They - "the others" - must feel like the ancient people: surrounded by an obscure and unfathomable force, which they used to call "Mare Magnum" (the Big Sea - Ocean).  The Norwegian chess genius is...Full Story

Good-bye, Welcome!

Added on 01.03.2013

Two-thousand-and-twelve, good bye! A year of great chess just ended. We have seen many important events this past year, and ICC has brought you all the best of the action, with videos, relays and...Full Story

Happy Chess Holidays!

Added on 12.23.2012

It's Holidays Time, but the ICC never stops bringing you the best from the chess world! For the first time ever this year ICC will have live broadcast for  the Pan American Intercollegiate Chess...Full Story

Magnus Chess Classic

Added on 12.09.2012

They are going to rename the tournament. Carlsen, the Norwegian Numero Uno, is going to win the London Chess Classic by brute force, showing everyone who's the real owner of the international chess...Full Story

London and ICC: Capitals of Chess!

Added on 11.29.2012

At the end of an intense year, filled with interesting and enthralling chess events, the curtain rises for the final act: The London Chess Classic! This amazing event sees a line-up that makes it one...Full Story

Holiday Season. Chess, Chess, Chess!

Added on 11.21.2012

The Segunda Gran Fiesta de Ajedrex UNAM in Mexico City brings us an amazing line-up with Magnus Carlsen, Judit Polgar, Lazaro Bruzon and Manuel Leon Hoyos participating to a "cuadrangular": 4 rounds...Full Story

On with Chess!

Added on 11.06.2012

ICC never stops bringing great LIVE chess to its members! After the intense past months, with events like the FIDE Grand Prix in London, the Grand Slam finals, the 16th Unive Chess Tournamentand the...Full Story

The Ronen Horror Blunder Show - Happy Halloween ICCers!

Added on 10.27.2012

This year, to celebrate Halloween,  GM Ronen Har-Zvi has prepared for ICC a two-video mini-series where he shows us a heap of horrible blunders, played during 2012 by players whose rating is 2700+!...Full Story

Magnus “Playoffs” Carlsen strikes again!

Added on 10.17.2012

Caruana the BrazItalian's dream went down in flames, as he eventually had to realize that the Numero Uno is indeed the Norwegian chess genius Magnus Carlsen. The Bilbao leg of the Grand Slam Masters...Full Story

Caruana of Brazitalia!

Added on 09.30.2012

The Masters Final first leg is over, and the players are now moving on to Europe, to play the second leg in Bilbao, Spain. The first 5 rounds have seen a stellar Fabiano "the Fab" Caruana play...Full Story

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