Java ICC interfaces that work on Mac, Windows and Linux
Posted: 26 January 2015 11:27 AM  
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If a user goes to the main download page and clicks the “More Web apps” button below the “Web App” they get to the ICC Java software page

It lists some Applets at top and everything there is older.  Below there are two java applications, Jin and Lantern Chess.  Jin hasn’t really been worked on in years but Lantern Chess is a newer interface started in 2010 and still actively worked on and full featured. is the link and there’s six screen shots there and a list of features below.  It does require java and i’m not suggesting users need to use Lantern or a Java app over any of the official ICC apps but there are also users who are looking for a different experience and may just not know about this.  Lantern does need Java installed on the device though if a user had it disabled in the browser that’s fine as Lantern is an application not an applet. 

Additionally on the there’s links to two offshoots, native apps in the App stores that work on Android and iOS as ICC interfaces. The Android app is the less supported. The iOS app is actively updated.