Fixing a critical flaw in ICC’s correspondence system
Posted: 21 September 2016 07:48 PM  
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Correspondence games are a spectacular feature on ICC.  A major problem with it, however, is that it is very (and unnecessarily) difficult to start a game.  When you use the “start a game with a random player” feature, you almost always end up being paired with a player who is inactive.  That player never makes a move; after ten days, the game gets aborted.  To get a single correspondence game going, one literally has to start a dozen (or dozens!) of games.  With time, this problem only seems to be getting worse.  The reason is that a lot of players who have the “accept random challenges” feature turned on are not actually active.

There is a solution, and it is very simple.  Any player who fails to make a move and consequently has a correspondence game aborted should automatically have the “accept random challenges” feature turned off.  If that player ever decides to rejoin the world of correspondence, he/she can simply turn that option back on.

This will revitalize ICC’s correspondence chess feature and actually save it from dying a slow death…

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Hey, KnightOnEarth!

This is a very nice suggestion!
I’ll make it sure your suggestion will be taken into consideration by the programmers.