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Posted: 05 May 2023 04:01 AM  
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I notice that you have introduced a new type of section eligibility on CCA tournaments on ICC.
Namely that the HIGHER of OTB or ICC rating will be used for sections. Such as this weeks CCA May Open. In particular I am concerned with the Over 1900 section (which now becomes the Open Section.

As a OTB player with a rating of Exactly 1900 (because that is my ratings Floor. And because since the Pandemic I have not played further OTB tournaments) this new ONL format concerns me.  However I maintain that this new way of determining ICC tournament sections will concern numerous other players as well.

I see that this upcoming tournament (this weeks CCA May Open) has, so far, fewer participants in all Sections than the previous CCA tournaments on ICC using the regular section eligibility. And the CCA April Open also had fewer participants in all Sections.

My prediction is that you will continue to see reduced participation with this new section format. Because there will be fewer Sections and prizes for lower rated players. Which you may incorrectly interpret as a reduced interest in playing ICC tournaments with the Online Regular time limits.

My Question is: Who decided to change the Section eligibility in these ICC tournaments and why? Did you think that you would get more participation? Also for a long time the Director and organizer of OTB Continental Chess tournaments have frequently polled tournament players about proposed tournament rule changes, playing formats etc. for their opinions.

Why has CCA and ICC not offered similar polls of participants before changing some tournament playing format?

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  I understand your concern and I am sure it is shared by many other players.  These online tournaments are organized by the CCA who has decided to use this method.  ICC does not control the rating methodology used so only a CCA representative can address your concern.

  I will say that many players have a huge rating mismatch between OTB and Online.  This has caused complaints and accusations of sandbagging in past tournaments thus the Higher Rating was intended to resolve that issue.

  The mismatch problem as I see it can only be solved by the USCF.  The USCF created the new online rating categories at zero instead of using already established ratings as a starting point.  While not noticeable with new players this has a progressively larger affect on older players causing the rating gap between OTB and Online to persist.

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