Can’t link uscf to ICC
Posted: 31 December 2022 01:00 PM  
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When attempting to link my accounts I get the notification “USCF id is not valid or not bound to handle uscf:Member not found”
I am looking at my member ID (30627593) and its not working. Any help?

Posted: 03 March 2023 03:15 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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  Sorry to take so long to close this thread.  Your USCF ID is linked to your ICC Handle but perhaps needs to be linked on the USCF Website. 

Although you are linked on ICC, the USCF also provides a way to validate your USCF ID allowing smooth entry into our Free Tournaments.

To that end please link your ICC handle to your USCF Account at:

  *  This will take you to the USCF website -  Your USCF ID (********) is your account number on the USCF website but you must sign-in to access your membership information.

Once linked in that way you will have easy entry into our *** FREE USCF Rated Tournaments ***

*  Quick Rated (15 5) on Friday at 7pm EST or Saturday (12 3) at 5pm EST

*  Blitz Rated (5 2) on Sunday at 2pm EST or a (3 2) on Monday at 7pm EST.

                          *** These are all Free to ICC / USCF Members ***
                        Go to:  for more information.

  If you still have trouble please contact the Tournament Manager and we can verify your USCF ID and add you to the tourney.

Thanks for Playing on ICC   ????

      Best Regards !

ICC Administrator