I can’t link my USCF ID to my ICC handle
Posted: 17 June 2022 07:31 PM  
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I just became a member of the USCF and I’m trying to link my USCF ID to my ICC account because I want to play the weekly rated ICC tournaments, and more urgently, because I’m playing the 10th annual World Open Action tomorrow. However, when I try to do so the next message appears:

Internal Server Error
Sorry for the inconvenience, you should not be seeing this!
Why did this happen?
  Our servers are too busy.
  The internet broke.
  We had a little hiccup. Try reloading the page.

This is happening in the following url: https://register.chessclub.com/uscf-tie
My USCF ID number is 30630488 and my username is Davidorcinus.
I’ve tried many times and it doesn’t make a difference, I’m unable to find the USCF tournaments on the Event list in Blitzin. I would really appreciate your assistance so that I can play the tournaments. Thank you in advance.

Posted: 23 July 2022 09:21 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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I had this problem too.

1. You have to go to the dropdown menu in the middle of the page and hit the ICC/member link. There are about four choices in the dropdown.
2. You have to put your ICC username in the box next to it.
3. You hit submit at the bottom of the page.