Usage of Zoom for ICC tournaments
Posted: 31 December 2020 04:14 PM  
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Hello. This is my first time here.
Lichess has this complicated anti cheating analysis,moderator use etc without zoom to analyze the games. Sometimes they get this wrong as there is no absolute physical evidence to point towards cheating apart from saying that those moves look like computer moves, he is playing way above his rating etc.
However zoom concept looks good but can a player be declared as a cheater or something like that when there is absolutely no evidence of such behavior on zoom.
I can think of a situation where a player might be very good due to growth mindset and has grown in his level rapidly due to covid pandemic and too much time. He plays a game but because he knows some patterns -his moves may appear very generic or computer like to be precise. His or her zoom is clean otherwise and there is no physical evidence otherwise. What do they do in such scenarios?

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