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Posted: 04 November 2020 04:09 PM  
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I’m new to playing online. Many years ago I played very actively in U. S. Chess Fed tournaments. I’m 68 years old now. I love the game but have no one locally in NW Washington State to play.

When I was maybe 20 or so I participated in an event where I was on of maybe 20 (don’t remember) players playing George Koltinowski. He was playing blindfold if I remember. He was amazing!

On another note many years ago I was a member of a chess club in Northern Calif. The first time I went I saw an elder player by himself with a chess set all ready to go. He looked so innocent! I thought I’ll easily win against him. Ha! He beat my socks off every dang time we played a game, lol!

Anyway, greetings from NW Washington State!


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Welcome to the ICC, and enjoy your games!

Let us know if you need any help.

Sandro (Lyon)