ICC information page abut the US Chess online rated tournaments
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The ICC information page abut the US Chess online rated tournaments, https://www.chessclub.com/USChess, is in need of an update and a correction.

In the Frequently Asked Questions section it says: “Now we will have three different Time Control Tournaments a week (Mon @ 7 PM, TC: 3 2 / 7 rounds;  Fri @ 8PM,  TC: 15 5 / 5 rounds; and Sat. @ 5PM 12 3 / 5 round.) We expect to run more as the popularity demands.”

This should be updated since there is also a tournament every Sunday now.

In the Frequently Asked Questions section it says: “USCF will set an initial rating based on other known ratings.  The rating will be set in this order, using the first available:  1) USCF blitz, 2)  USCF standard,  3) ICC blitz,  4) ICC standard.  If no ratings are found in any of these categories, a default rating of 1400 will be used.”

This is completely incorrect. The way US Chess initializes unrated players ratings can be found at http://glicko.net/ratings/rating.system.pdf

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Thank you for pointing this error out that is located in the Frequently Asked Questions.  You are correct and ICC needs to change the answer to reflect what is actually used and if anyone who read these posts wants to verify how a USCF online tournament (any type) is rated, then just go the USCF’s website and call them or email them.  The USCF will tell you how they rate any of their online tournament and they probably are not aware of the factual error that ICC has, accidentally I’m sure and things happen but facts are stubborn things and for whatever reason ICC has factually incorrect information in their Frequently Asked questions. 

The mistake pointed out in the first post is accurate and I can second that because I looked at the FAQ referred to along with the most current official USCF document that explains in precise detail how ratings are formulated.  This includes online ratings and those that have never played in an official USCF event is explained here:  http://glicko.net/ratings/rating.system.pdf
The USCF does not use any rating a player has that is generated only from ICC play and absolutely nowhere will you find this to be true when you read the official document from the US Chess Federation itself. I urge anyone reading these posts to verify what is said by calling or emailing the USCF and you will obtain accurate information. 

I know from personal experience and recently playing in my first online USCF tournament how my rating was initially formulated in order to be placed in the proper category of players.  Per the rules established by the USCF itself (call them and ask), if you have even a provisional standard USCF “Standard” rating (mine was based on five games from long ago and I had no rating in any other category other than “standard” and just as the USCF rules state, when I registered for an online USCF tournament (quick chess….and I had no previous USCF rating in this category), the rules state that your provisional rating will be used and that was exactly the way it worked.  By the rules as stated in official USCF documents and not anywhere else.

The USCF does not ask nor do they consider any rating that is only ICC or from other sites.  These are not official insofar as the USCF does not recognize ratings that are only from ICC games.  That is a fact and the FAQ are incorrect. 

Folks, do not trust everything you read but do some simple fact checking.  Hopefully, this error will be corrected on the ICC’s FAQ page.