Adding the increment for move one on ICC
Posted: 09 August 2020 04:41 PM  
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The following “TD Tip” was recently added to the US Chess rulebook,, to make it clear that the players get the increment for move one under US Chess rules (the players also get the increment for move one under FIDE rules):

“TD TIP: Not all digital clocks correctly give the increment for move one when you set increment on the clock. For clocks that don’t, the increment time in seconds should be added manually to the base time, if possible, so each player gets the increment for move one. For example, for G/3;inc2, each player gets 3.02 (three minutes and two seconds) to complete move one. If the clock only gives 3.00 for each player’s first move when the clock is set—with a base time of three minutes and increment of two seconds—then, if possible, two seconds should be added to each player’s base time when setting the clock. If a game is started without the increment applied for move one, it is recommended that the TD not allow the clock to be subsequently adjusted to add the increment for move one. This failure to adjust the clock initially should not be allowed as grounds to contest a later time forfeit claim.

I hope the ICC programming can be updated so it gives the players the increment for move one when playing a game with increment since this is the US Chess and FIDE rule and since US Chess online rated tournaments are run on ICC.