New players to ICC
Posted: 10 May 2020 03:25 PM  
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Greetings! I see there is a few new members to the site and would like to offer a mutual friend of the game we all share who is also new here. I’m new, but not at all new as I used to run tournaments for the old “USChessLive!” site years ago. It was some time ago but the game, company and aim is the same and even the command lines are exactly the same as far as I have seen. I would love to help us all have a great transition into each other and the ICC site so will get to work on what I am able to do to make a difference for what and who I am able. My name is “PrinceHexaflex” and I will accept all friend requests to make at least one more source for play and help as we begin. I am good at what I set myself to and enjoy the highest level of service and entertainment. So I will set about the task of finding a way to make myself useful to best match the needs of our administrative team. Good luck and enjoy!