Computers are superior because of perfect “visualization” or fast forwarding (not intelligence)?
Posted: 29 December 2019 07:42 AM  
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Picking the correct move requires a human player to understand what the board will look like in the future, but, the human player must also be able to evaluate the position and pick the best move.

Machines have no trouble at “visualization”. A machine can “look” at a position 50 moves away with perfect accuracy. I think this is the advantage that machines have.

If a human grandmaster were given a tool to fast forward through the moves then the human player would be equal to the machine or maybe even better at evaluation.

Well, of course, you might think. Then, there you have it. It Isn’t superior intelligence. It is superior fast forwarding ability. It is the equivalent of a human being who moves the pieces to evaluate the board. It is an hugely unfair advantage.

I would like to see a match between a grandmaster and machine who have equal depth of vision, and it should be noted how many positions a machine must analyze vs a human’s requirement.