An Invite to Online Endgame Training Module
Posted: 12 November 2019 06:19 AM  
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Hey, chess friends!

I thought you might find it interesting that I just added a cool Endgame Training Module with randomly generated KQ vs. KR endgames, among others, on my website: . I have been working on it with my 12 y/o son, Chris. We are very excited to have just added randomly generated KQ vs. KR endgame positions. As for KQ vs. KR, all of the positions (3,837,824) have been carefully selected (out of 8,863,768 winning positions in total!) eliminating ridiculously easy ones, as well as drawn or losing positions, of course. They have been all double checked against Syzygy tablebases, however, I personally recommend using the Lomonosov tablebases. Each position is provided with the FEN notation as well as DTM (distance to mate) info as expressed in full moves. As stated underneath the diagram I recommend you change the level to Grandmaster before you start seriously playing the position against the Chessbase Fritz engine.

There are also lots of more basic endgames to train there (recently added and/or updated). Feel free to go visit the site yourselves. Please tell me what other types of endgames you would like to have available there for training. Thank you in advance!

I hope you’ll have fun and improve your endgame skills this way!