My great great uncle v Capablanca
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I’ve just found this snippet in my late father’s diaries:

“My great-uncle Philip Mason played chess for Lincolnshire and
used to tell of his encounter with Capablanca, when the master
took on Philip and scores of others simultaneously at a public
demonstration in Sheffield (one of three such that Capablanca played
in October 1919 in Bradford, Leeds and then Sheffield).

After a few moves Capablanca invited Philip to resign, much to
Philip’s mystification and indignation, so Capablanca patiently explained
the next dozen moves or so which would lead infallibly to Philip’s defeat.”

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Very nice!

Thanks for sharing grin

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Thanks for sharing this nice story!  I think “Capa” (age 20s to mid 40s) would be right up there with the other 2800s today.  His style was similar to today’s top players, such as Carlsen and Caruana, maybe Giri and Kramnik also.