Instate auto-draw after 5-7 moves at eval 0.0
Posted: 11 January 2016 07:06 PM  
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Hello fellow Computer Pool ghosts! wink

I was wondering if it would be possible to instate an auto-draw rule when a game (pass middle) has reached a position where both engine evaluation are 0.00 or near that after 5-7 moves in a row?

The case is, many games are lost on time (to take that as an example) because both engines are trying to ‘win’ a position that is a draw by precise play (or validated via EGTB).  I have noticed lately that the 50 moves rules is not always enforced (a game reached 200+ moves where the last 150 of them had no capture nor pawn move and all those 150 moves were at 0.0 eval). 

This will prevent wasting game/engine time, minimize risks of disconnection and mostly, avoid the dreadful lost of time.