Suggested Improvements in Dasher & Blitzin Clients
Posted: 08 December 2015 11:12 AM  
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  I find myself switching between Blitzin & Dasher because some features are available in Dasher & not Blitzin (& vice versa).  I am more of a programmer than a player, but nonetheless, here are my suggestions:

  1.  MultiPV in Dasher.  This feature is available in Blitzin but not Dasher.  It is a nice feature to analyze potential move alternatives, as sometimes there is little difference (from engine point of view) to the top couple of moves.
  2.  Opening book support in Blitzin.  I can’t get the Blitzin interface to permit the use of an opening book.  I can configure Crafty to utilize its book in Dasher, but not Blitzin.  When I try to setup Crafty in Blitzin, the engine crashes. I’m not sure of the problem.  I have tried to download and configure an older version of stockfish with the book, but can’t get it to recognize the presence of a book.
  3.  For both clients, ability to run a post-mortem of played game.  If familiar with BabasChess on FICS, after a game you can have the engine analyze the game (~5 seconds per move), and annotate where there was a blunder on either side.  This is a nice way to review your game for more novice players like me.  You set a threshold (0.3 I think is the default).  Then, any move in which the computer’s evaluation is better than the move played by the threshold, is flagged as a blunder and annotated in the move list with a ‘?’.  I can do this off-line with Crafty, but its nice having it built into the client.


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Excellent suggestions. I second them all! Please implement!