Computer Ratings on ICC
Posted: 06 December 2015 11:13 AM  
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Hello guys!

I just want to understand how the ‘Elo rating’ of the computers on ICC works, and mostly, how come not one of us can go above (or barely) 2400 in the computer pool each month after hundreds of games? 

I am reading that the engines we all are using (Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini, etc) are all rated near or above 3000 according to some sites ( and ( all after many hundreds of game too.

The same engines can defeats all 2800+ GMs in the world too, so why is there so much discrepancies between the rating we achieve over hundreds of games between us vs what is broadcasted on the web and the rating of GMs ?

Does ICC use the same Elo formula or it is a selfbake custom rating that ‘muzzle down’ the real rating of the engine?  Or is it the fact that we all start at 2200 each month and since we are all of the same rating, we stay around that point?  It does not make sense to me! smile

Some of the operators here are using last gen multi-cpu setup with 12-cores each and can barely reach above 2300.

Thx for any explanations!