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Added on 12.06.2012

Learn How to Win with GM Boris! - The Positional sacrifice #1

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When we sacrifice tactically - we usually want to get immediate advantages, like winning material back or reaching a mating attack against our opponent's King. The positional sacrifices have a different nature - they are real. By giving up a pawn, a piece or an exchange, we look for some compensation in the form of more active pieces, controlling key squares, open files, initiative, development advantage or opportunity of attack.  A disadvantage of positional sacrifices is ...

that there is no forced win and there are many possibilities and continuations, so the defender can suddenly spring a surprise and even hold on to the material advantage and win the game. That's why before a positional sacrifice you have to evaluate precisely many factors, giving yourself the opportunity to keep successfully a long term compensation. Positional sacrifice is always risky. Sacrifice only when you believe in yourself : even a correct sacrifice could become a wrong one if you step back in a decisive moment. In this new series of lectures with GM Boris we will study the most common positional sacrifices: pawn sacrifice, exchange sacrifice, piece positional sacrifice; and also the less common ones, like Rook and Queen positional sacrifices. Don't miss this new and interesting series of GM Alterman's weekly show "Learn How to Win with GM Boris!"  




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