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Added on 07.28.2014

Ronen through Chess history: Chess Olympiad - Part 8

Opening: B13, B12, E24, B06: Caro-Kann, Robatsch, Nimzo-Indian

Player(s): Ivanchuk, Beliavsky, Jobava, Adams, Carlsen, Sjugirov

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Travelling through Chess History, and with the Olympiad coming, there was no question about this being next Ronen's topic for his show. No other event holds as many of the world's top players, playing one tournament all together. A complete Soviet control, since they started participating in 1952, a shocking win by the Hungarian team in 1978, and many other great chess stories in this new series. In his personal excursus on the history of the Chess Olympiad, Ronen is approaching now to the present days, showing games from players who still rock the international scene. In this episode the 2010 Olympiad, with an amazing Ivanchuk dominating the scene, and Carlsen losing two games in a pretty non-Magnus style. 


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