Dan Heisman's Improve Your Chess
Opening Prep Wins

National Master Dan Heisman is a name that is synonymous with excellence in chess coaching and teaching. Dan authors the award-winning Novice Nook column (winner of three Chess Journalists of America "Best Instruction" awards), aimed at improving adults, for chesscafe.com that are clearly written and offer very practical advice and tips on how to improve your game. More info about Dan can be found here. In the new Improve Your Chess series, Dan provides instruction by reviewing amateur games played on ICC and showing where the players went wrong and how to improve.

Today's show: White offers the Milner-Barry Gambit which is accepted. Although both sides play slowly, White understands the tactical themes better and Black soon falls for a tactic, losing the exchange. Black has two pawns but his backward development and misplaced king make his game difficult. Soon thereafter Black falls for a second tactic, giving a lost game. After some back and forth play, White ends up with the exchange and an outside passed pawn and rides to victory.

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