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ICC Open: final countdown!

Congratulations to IM  Cemil Can Ali Marandi (Last7Samurai)!

After a month of amazing battles to determine the 24 finalists, the ICC Open approaches its epilogue.
On Saturday, April the 22nd, at 2 PM EDT (20:00 Europe - 19:00 UK), a mega-knockout tournament will decide the fab four, who will fight for the title on Sunday, April the 23rd, again at 2 PM EDT.

The qualifier tournaments have seen the participation of hundreds of players, from top GMs to many amateurs, who enjoyed measuring themselves in the most important online blitz tournament of the year.
The 24 strong blitzers who won the qualifiers will be joined by 8 seeded players, chosen by the ICC, to complete the list of 32 gladiators, ready to fight into the KO arena.
Here's the list with of the 8 seeded players:
Alexander Grischuk (RUS), Liren Ding (CHN), Leinier Dominguez Perez (CUB), Samuel Sevian (USA), Jeffery Xiong (USA), Timur Gareev (USA), Rauf Mamedov (AZE), and Anton Demchenko (RUS).
Grischuk, the defending champion, and Ding, the strongest Chinese player at the moment, are among the favorites, but it's Blitz, and we know that everything can happen.
Super-strong Blitz players such as Daniil Dubov,  Eltaj Safarli, Vladislav Artemiev, and many others, who fought their way to the finals through the qualifiers, will not make the top-seeded life easy!

The 32-player knockout tournament consists of mini-matches of 4 games with time control 3+0 (3 minutes to finish the game, without increment).
If a tie occurs after that, two more games will be played. If still tied, another two games follow, and in case it goes to 4-4 then the tournament director will determine colors in a single, decisive game to follow by tossing a coin. Should that game be drawn, another game with opposite colors will be played. If drawn again, the procedure will be repeated.

GM Eric Hansen is ready to make this event even more entertaining for everyone, with his live commentary on ICC YouTube channel!

Here is the list of the qualified players:

Qualifier 1 - Manager AlonzoB | Saturday 2pm | DOWNLOAD PGN





N ICC username Real name Rating Score
1 BlitzorDDD GM Dubov Daniil 3137 9.5
2 Nedwis IM Mykola Bortnyk 2857 9.5
3 Creedence GM Hrant Melkumyan 3157 9.5
4 Platyborg GM Alan Pichot 2964 9.5


Qualifier 2 - Manager RdgMx | Sunday 7pm | DOWNLOAD PGN





N ICC username Real name Rating Score
1 KRASAVCHIK GM Safarli Eltaj 3315 9.5
2 INDIAN-ELEPHANT GM Rajaram Laxman 2687 9.5
3 AlirezaFirouzja IM Alizreza Firouzja 2591 9.5
4 AbasovN GM Abasov Nijat 3135 9.0

Qualifier 3 - Manager BigCol | Saturday 2pm | DOWNLOAD PGN

N ICC username Real name Rating Score
1 Sibelephant GM Vladislav Artemiev 3058 9.5
2 BlackHorse96 GM Aleksandr Bortnik 3056 9.5
3 ShiryuDragon GM Eduardo Iturrizaga 3319 9.5
4 ZavenGrozny GM Zaven Andriasyan 3136 9.5

Qualifier 4 - Manager ryapo | Sunday 7pm | DOWNLOAD PGN

N ICC username Real name Rating Score
1 ibarra GM Jose Ibarra Jerez 2762 9.5
2 Filiron GM Francesco Rambaldi 1274 9.5
3 TricksOnly IM Stefan Kuipers 2236 9.0
4 Sebs FM Sebastian Horgen Mihajlov 2997 9.0

Qualifier 5 - Manager Lisebeth | Saturday 2pm | DOWNLOAD PGN





N ICC username Real name Rating Score
1 TerryR IM Renato Terry 2409 9.5
2 kingmate FM David Gorodetzky 2473 9.5
3 Sophiste GM Jules Moussard 3132 9.5
4 Kalmyk GM Sanan Sjugirov 2759 9.0

Qualifier 6 - Manager Shen21 | Sunday 7pm | DOWNLOAD PGN





N ICC username Real name Rating Score
1 Last7Samurai IM Cemil Can Ali Marandi 2681 9.5
2 aplusk IM Alexander Moskalenko 2671 9.5
3 Federicov GM Federico Perez Ponsa 3091 9.5
4 Dragon40 GM Parham Maghsoodloo 2681 9.0



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