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ICC Video - Ronen's Tactics for Everyone!

From Calendar: ICC Events


From: August 15, 2011 at 3:00pm (never ends)


IM Ronen Har-Zvi
GM Har-Zvi

Ronen "indiana-Jones" Har-Zvi in his new feat "Tactics for Everyone" - a course on basic and not-so-basic tactics in chess - demostrating how to take advantage of undefended pieces, with what is usually called a double-attack. If you have loose pieces spread over the board for too many moves in a row, you're bound to suffer from your opponent's tactics, aimed to win material, when not the whole game. In this series, GM Har-Zvi guides you to learn the thinking processes that lead to spot tactics on the board and take advantage of the chances offered by the position. As Ronen says: everyone blunders, even Carlsen, and a good player must be able to spot it and punish it. How? By using tactics, of course! 


Check out Ronen's video archive.

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