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August 2014 SimulMaster

Get ready for the GMs! A new series of events for ICC members, with our Grandmasters ready to play you!



Join the events or watch it in our brand new LIVE ICC TV! Enjoy the GM's live commentary as he or she narrates his ideas and impressions as he plays!  

Time control for the Simuls is 60 + 30 and each event will be played by 20 ICCers; Time control for the Banter Blitz is 3 + 2 and will be played by 15 ICCers.


August 2014

Saturday 2nd, 2pm ICC time

GM John Fedorowicz


John is up again this month to take on ICC members in his always interesting Simul! Don't miss this feat.
Tuesday 12th, 4pm ICC time
GM Maxim Dlugy
GM Max Dlugy lost ONE game in his last Banter Blitz feat. He will be REALLY angry and ready to mistreat you!  :-) 
Monday18th, 2pm ICC time

GM Alex Yermolinsky 


Alex is seeking revenge, after he lost 7 games lastmonth. Be WARNED!
Wednesday 27th, 2pm ICC time

GM Ronen Har-Zvi

Will anyone be so lucky to have Ronen stumble again onto a mouse-slip and be able to draw his game? Let's see! Ronen is aiming for the perfect score.

Instructions to participate


  1. Join the simul channel (ch 3). In the chat area (console) just type: /+channel 3
  2. Once the simul is open, type: /tell simulbot join

ICC for Mac/windows users

  1. Go the the Channel list button upper right-hand corner, and add the “Simul”
  2. Go to menu item VIEW->CONSOLE and type: /tell simulbot join

For the Blitz Banter sessions, you need to type in your console: /match <gmname> 3 2 u -- for example: /match LarryC 3 2 u. An admin will announce in channel 3 when you can match the GM. The system used in this case is first in-first served: the first 15 players to match the GM will play him.

The events will be streamed LIVE on ICC chess TV!

You will be able to see the Grandmaster playing the event, and listen to his comments DURING the play! Don't expect the GMs to tell you your next winning move, though.  Stay tuned, and enjoy!