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2nd Sinquefield Cup

This year the Chess Club and Scholastic Center in St. Louis aimed at the best, and they succeeded: the 2nd Sinquefield Cup will be the strongest chess tournament ever. The line-up is just amazing: 

#1 and World Champion Magnus Carlsen (2877)

#2 Levon Aronian (2805)

#3 Fabiano Caruana (2801)

#5 Hikaru Nakamura (2787)

#8 Veselin Topalov (2772)

#9 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (2768)

The incredible average rating is 2801.6, making it a category XXXIII event! The 2014 Sinquefield Cup is the second category 23 tournament ever held, after the 2014 Zurich Challenge.

Play starts August the 27th at 3:00 p.m. ICC time (EDT).
This will be a blast for every chess fan, and ICC will have full coverage, with LIVE commentary, Game Of the Day video service and the oh-so-much-loved TRIVIA contest in channel 165.