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GM Petrov’s Attacking Ideas in the Openings - Video 9: Queen’s Gambit for White

Opening: D61, D55: QGD: Orthodox Defence - Rubinstein Variation, QGD: 6.Nf3

Player(s): Botvinnik, Alatortsev, Pillsbury, Marco

In this video, GM Marian shows you some of the most popular attacking setups for white against the Queen's gambit.
One of them is the Pillsbury attack. White moves the knight quickly to e5 and then goes f4 and Qf3. The idea is to move to h3 and attack the h7 pawn; the plan is very dangerous for black.
Another idea is when you get the position with an isolated pawn again to target h7 with moves like h4 and then Ng5. If black doesn't have a knight on f6, this could be deadly for him.
Also, you can sometimes go for g4 and castle queenside. This is an unpleasant plan for black because white simply wants to push the pawns in front of his king.

Teacher's library (147) D61 D55 Botvinnik Alatortsev Pillsbury Marco opening

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