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GM Petrov’s 10 Sharp Lines to become a Blitz Wizard - Vd6: The Latvian Gambit

Opening: C40: King's Knight Opening (includes Latvian Gambit, Brazilian Defense, Greco Defence, Damiano Defence, Elephant Gambit,


This video shows you how to complicate the game from the start when you have black. You can try the Latvian gambit. It was played by Greco himself a long time ago. In general, it has a bad reputation, but it is not losing, so it is suitable for a blitz or rapid game. Because usually, players who play white are not prepared and don't know how to punish you. It is a kind of mix between King's gambit with a tempo down and Philidor with f5. There are too many possibilities for white, but in most of them, black is ok. In some lines, white often has to sac something, and the game is unclear if the players don't know 15 moves theory. The main idea is to meet exf5 with e4 and 3.Ne5 with Qf6; black also has other options. After Qf6, often black goes Qg6, and then the idea is Nf6, Nc6 Be7, and castle. If he can finish his development, he has a good game.

Teacher's library (147) C40 opening

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