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GM Davorin Kuljasevic’s “Develop Your Counter-intuitive Thinking!” - Violating Opening Principles

Opening: C43, A07, D10, B11, E90:

Player(s): Vitiugov, Caruana, Blohberger, Mosesov, Janowski, Capablanca, Karthikeyan, Swapnil, Zugrav, Olofsson

Opening is the most well-studied phase of the chess game. As such, it is often governed by widely-applicable principles, such as:
1) Develop your pieces quickly
2) Put your pawns in the center
3) Castle as soon as possible
4) Don't play twice with the same piece
5) Don't get your queen out too early in the opening, etc.
Most chess players routinely follow these and other 'rules' of the opening because chess practice has found them to be both an intuitively and empirically reliable guide through the opening mazes. On the other hand, the vast number of possibilities that exist in the opening sometimes give rise to moves and ideas that are counter-intuitive with respect to these widely-accepted opening principles. In this video, we will explore several such instances.


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Teacher's library (37) OFFICIAL COURSE 10 C43 A07 D10 B11 E90 Vitiugov Caruana Blohberger Mosesov Janowski Capablanca Karthikeyan Swapnil Zugrav Olofsson opening

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