Game Of the Week

Sevian vs. Bok - Tata Steel 2016 Group B

At the Tata Steel tournament, the A Group deservedly gets most of our attention. This year many of the world's elite battled it out and provided a number of exciting games which were explained in game of the day videos. But as always, the B Group of the traditional Wijk aan Zee event provided great bang for the buck as enthusiastic, enterprising, and mostly young participants played a number of exciting games. I particularly enjoyed the contest between young American grandmaster Sam Sevian (who is quickly becoming a gotw favorite) and a recent prodigy from the Netherlands, (just turned) 21-year-old GM Benjamin Bok. For the first 25 moves or so, both sides built up for an attack. From then on, it was a steady stream of tactics with quite a few nice resources for both sides.

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