London Chess Classic 2014 - Game Of the Day
Round 5

GM Ronen Har-Zvi recaps Round 5. The Tiger is back! Vishy Anand won the London Chess Classic 2014 on tiebreaks after an interesting last round, confirming the rule that sees the loser of a World Championship Match fare extremely well in the next events. Round five started with Kramnik and Giri in the lead, playing each other. Their game was a hard fought Catalan, which led to a draw. At that point, Nakamura started pushing hard to try to win his game against Fabiano Caruana, but after 80 moves the American number one had to give up, and settle for a draw. Anand played well in a Berlin - which seems to be the trend in openings among top players nowadays - taking advantage of a couple of indecisions by Adams, to get into a winnning knight and pawns ending. All in all it's been a good tournament, and for sure the football score system helped the suspense until the very end. Congratulations to the great Vishy Anand!

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