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US Championship 2015 - Round 9

Opening: A04: Reti Opening

Player(s): Nakamura, Gareev

IM John Watson recaps round 9. It's impossible not to talk about what happened to Wesley So in the 9th round of the US Championship. Wesley was forfeited 6 moves into the game with Var Akobian, for "illegally taking notes". FIDE regulations clearly state that it's not allowed to write anything but the moves on the scoresheet. Apparently So was scribbling self-encouraging phrases on a sheet of paper positioned underneath the scoresheet. Akobian told the head arbiter that he found what So was doing very unusual, and the arbiter, having warned Wesley So twice during the tournament, decided to forfeit the top-tenner. It's always bad when something like this happens, especially in a relevant and important tournament like the US Championship. The Internet Chess World has got the frenzies now, and everyone is expressing their own opinion on this "scandal". The result of Wesley's forfeit is that now he's out of the run for the title, with his 4th loss in the tournament. Nakamura and Robson drew, as well as Kamsky, Shankland and Onischuk. Naroditsky won - and it's great news - against Holt, in a pretty convinging way. With two rounds to go, Nakamura is in the sole lead, followed by Robson half a point behind and then Kamsky and Onischuk 1.5 points behind the leader. Tomorrow Nakamura and Robson will play for the title, in what is announced to be the most important game of the whole tournament.

Teacher's library (256) A04 Nakamura Gareev recap

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