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Sinquefield Cup 2016 - Round 9 Video Recap

Opening: C65: Ruy Lopez: Berlin defense

Player(s): Topalov, Aronian

IM Voja Milanovic recaps Round 9. An exciting conclusion of the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis today. Wesley So, probably trusting an Aronian in decent form, went for a super-solid game, drawing the strong MVL in a quite uneventful game. But Aronian found himself in trouble in the endgame against Topalov. Let's say the great Levon was done, with a lost position on the board, when Topalov played the incredible 44.Rh3?, throwing away a totally won game. This move will be remembered as the -25,000-dollar-move, probably. But that wasn't all: Topalov got ahead again, with a discombobulated Aronian unable to play a rather simple rook endgame; but, once again, Topalov missed the winning sequence, and after a very long struggle, the two talents eventually agreed on the draw, delivering the trophy in So's hands. Nakamura won a good game against Ding Liren, getting back to 50%. Caruana won his game with Giri, who's had a disastrous tournament. Wesley So wins the Sinquefield Cup, with a pack of players in second place, half a point behind: Aronian, Anand,Topalov, and Caruana. Nakamura and MVL at 50% share 6th-7th; Ding Liren 8th, Svidler 9th and Giri alone in the pit, with only 3 points out of 9 rounds. Congratulations to Wesley So!

Teacher's library (8) C65 Topalov Aronian recap

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Sinquefield Cup 2016 - Round 9 Video Recap

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