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Sinquefield Cup 2016 - Round 3 Video Recap

Opening: C84: Ruy Lopez: closed defense

Player(s): Giri, Ding

GM Ronen Har-Zvi recaps Round 3. When you have to comment on a round with five drawn games, without any impressively exciting moment, there is only a thing you can do: say that the games were theoretically interesting. This is what our great GM Ronen did in his video recap, and he managed to offer us a free opening lecture! Actually, I am probably being a bit too harsh on the superheroes battling in St. Louis. For example, So vs. Aronian was quite a crazy piece of chess, with Aronian "inventing" the opening, forcing So to think for a long time in order to resolve all the problems that the strong Armenian put on the table. Despite falling behind on the clock, Wesley found all the right moves and, though risking to get smashed, he was able to hold Levon to a draw. Giri vs. Ding was another game "worth the ticket"; GM Ronen analyzes this game thoroughly in his excellent video recap. To conclude, a positive note: Svidler managed not to blunder away a drawn game. Finally. A small step for Peter, a giant leap for his self-confidence.

Teacher's library (562) C84 Giri Ding recap

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Sinquefield Cup 2016 - Round 3 Video Recap

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