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Sinquefield Cup 2016 - Round 2 Video Recap

Opening: D44: QGD semi-Slav: 5.Bg5 dc

Player(s): Nakamura, Giri

GM Jon Speelman recaps Round 2. A very violent round in St. Louis today. MVL, freshly number 2 in the world, lost an amazing game against Anand, which is of course the news of the day. In a highly tactical skirmish, MVL blundered, very uncharacteristically. The old Tiger didn't miss the chance to take advantage of MVL's slip and won in great style. Topalov seemed to sit on the right side of the board for the whole game against Caruana, playing good chess and pushing Fabiano into taking difficult decisions. It was a bit surprising when they agreed to a draw, since Topalov seemed to have the upper hand in the game. Svidler blundered away another drawn game, showing that evidently he's not in good form. Nakamura and Giri battled over the board for almost six hours. Naka went for an unusual line of the semi-Slav, which led him out of the opening with the bishop pair and a slightly better development. Hikaru was able to keep the tension high, making the game quite intense. Giri tried to attack, getting into a complicated tactical position, but Nakamura defended energetically. When the dust settled Nakamura emerged with a winning position in the endgame, and the American conducted his pieces impeccably, to bounce back after yesterday's loss in round 1. 

Teacher's library (32) D44 Nakamura Giri recap

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Sinquefield Cup 2016 - Round 2 Video Recap

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