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Play the Pap Attack! - Intro

Opening: C02: French: advanced variation

Player(s): Pap, Velten, Olah

This Gambit variation arises when, in the French advanced line, white plays 9.Nbd2 instead of entering Milner-Barry Gambit with 9.Nd4 Qd4 10.Nc3.
 So, why to play this line, and why this name? This variation in the French Advance is quite exciting and dynamic. It gives you a chance to directly attack with white pieces and fight for initiative from the very beginning of the game! Of course, you need to give one pawn, which means this is a Gambit variation. But for such a low price, you can have all the fun! And black? He will have his pawn, but also, he will have to defend, and often suffer under pressure, because white will have compensation and initiative. 
  GM Misa has been working on this variation since 1997, which makes it more than 20 years. Also, he made several theoretical surveys and contributions to this line. Most notably, an article about this line was published in Chess Informant 113. Misa Pap played more than 30 classical games in this line (not all are available in databases), and of course, many rapid and blitz games.
The Pap Attack was tested at the highest level (although only in a blitz game) between Topalov and Morozevich in 2012. White won on that occasion.
This line is still not fully explored and analyzed, so there is always room for improvement and novelties. And it allows you to put up a good fight over the board!
If you are an active player who seeks to play dynamic, attacking chess, and if you don't mind sacrificing a pawn for it, this is the right variation for you!

Teacher's library (107) OFFICIAL COURSE 6 C02 Pap Velten Olah opening

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