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IM Valeri Lilov’s Openings for Attacking Players - King’s Gambit

Opening: C33, C30, C31: King's gambit accepted, KGD: classical variation, KGD: Falkbeer counter-gambit


Many chess players have wondered about the correctness of this opening and truly so: while it is one of the oldest openings, it also has a rather double-side reputation in the modern world. It wasn't until players like Kasparov and Morozevich came out in the early 2000s, proving that this opening is very much alive and can easily transpose into fantastic combinational games! But what can the King's Gambit do for the club player? And more so, is there a "safer" way to handle the gambit where most of the possibilities lean towards white's attack without much sacrifice? The answer is definite: Yes! In his new lecture, IM Lilov brings out some essential repertoire ideas one must learn to play this opening successfully and with confidence.

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Teacher's library (100) OFFICIAL COURSE 19 C33 C30 C31 opening

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