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GM Petrov’s New Strategies in the Middlegame - Vd8: Play against Doubled Pawns

Opening: A07, C13: Réti Opening: King's Indian Attack (Barcza System) 1...d5 2.g3, French Classical

Player(s): Plachetka, Jussupow, Smyslov, Stahlberg

In this video, we will see how to play against the doubled pawns this time. You will see some ideas on creating a situation where you are forcing your opponent to have a doubled pawn. After this is with a pawn sacrifice where you hope to take the pawn back and later win the other pawn on the same file. The problem with those pawns is that the advanced pawns can not be protected with the rook, and it is hard to defend them. Also, you will see that such pawns are bad if there is no pawn next to them to support them. Another common idea is to expose the king by creating doubles pawns, opening some files, and exposing some important squares.

Teacher's library (147) A07 C13 Plachetka Jussupow Smyslov Stahlberg midgame

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