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GM Petrov’s New Strategies in the Middlegame - Vd14: Outpost

Opening: C90: Ruy Lopez Closed; 7...d6 - 9.d3 (Pilnik Variation)

Player(s): Adams, Almasi

In this video, we will see one of the critical topics in the positional game, which is the outpost.
You will find some tips on how to look for it and how to create it.
Usually, those are squares in the center, whereby you get control over significant areas by placing some of your pieces.
Since your piece can not be attacked with a pawn, the only option is to be traded. So you have to find a way when that happens to transform it to another advantage. Often if the piece is backed with a pawn, it could create a passed pawn. The knights are the most common in using the outpost, but sometimes it could also be the bishop or the rook using it.
Both sides can have outposts, and the advantage is the one who can create more threats with his active piece.

Teacher's library (147) C90 Adams Almasi midgame

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