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GM Petrov’s New Strategies in the Middlegame - Vd11: The Queen’s Gambit

Opening: D20-D42: Queen's Gambit


This video will see one of the most popular openings, the Queen's gambit. The pawn structure is also very standard, so it is vital to know the main ideas for both colors. White typically develops both knights, and then the difference is between Bg5 or Bf4. The first is more active, putting pressure on the diagonal. In this case, to fight with it, black often moves the knight and then trades the bishops to get more space for development. Very common is the Lasker defense with Ne4. Another plan is with c6, Nbd7, and Re8 Nf8 to release the bishop. And probably most popular is the plan with b6 Bb7. When white takes cxd5, black goes nxd5 and trades a few minor pieces. When white goes Bf4, sometimes black can even prepare c5, and there is not so much pressure on d5. A trendy plan for white is the minority attack with rb1, b4, and b5. In the well-known Carlsbad structure, white takes cxd5, and black goes exd5. Here white wants to trade the pawns on the queenside and create a weak pawn c6.

Teacher's library (147) D20-D42 midgame

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