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GM Petrov’s Mastering the Sicilian Sveshnikov - Video 6

Opening: B33: Sicilian Sveshnikov


In this chapter, GM Marian shows you one of the main lines. After white goes 10. Nd5 and black go directly f5. You have to be prepared for some tricky lines in which white wants to win quickly. If he takes exf5 and then goes Qf3, you have to play Nd4 and sac the exchange, but you have a great attack. In the lines with Bb5, you have to remember some long lines, but after Ra4, black should be fine if he manages to bring the king to safety. Finally, in the main lines with Bd3, you can go Be6 and Bd5, after which black has an active position.

Teacher's library (147) B33 opening

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