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GM Petrov’s Mastering the Sicilian Sveshnikov - Video 4

Opening: B33: Sicilian Sveshnikov


In this video, GM Marian got you covered for all the other moves apart from the main 7. Nd5, and 7. Bg5. White can try to play a4 to prevent your plan with a6 and b5. In this case, he will get the square c4 for his pieces, but this plan is a bit slow, and black has to develop his pieces quickly. If white skips a4 and move directly Na3, you can either go a6 and b5; probably, you should not play later b4 quick. Or you can develop with Be7 and castle. If white goes Be3, you have to play a6 and b5.

Teacher's library (147) B33 opening

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