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GM Petrov’s Mastering Endgames - Introduction

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In this new course, GM Marian shows you how to master simple endgames. The target group is beginners to intermediate level. We will start by learning the basic position King and pawn against King. Then, gradually, we will see a bit more complicated pawn endgames. Many people believe that they are easy, but recently there were examples were the best players in the world have shown that they can sometimes make mistakes in such endgames. I think this is the most crucial part of the game because even if you were better in the opening and middle game, you have to know how to win the endgame. Also, sometimes you need to make choices during the game to move into a better endgame or not. If you are not sure that it is winning, you can choose another option and miss an easy win. By following GM Marian in this fantastic course, you will learn many things and raise your game.

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