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GM Petrov’s Master the Modern Opening for black - Video 6

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In this video, we will see how to react if white goes for the lines with Bc4.
Black can choose to start with 3...c6; he can meet Bc4 with both b5 or even d5 followed by b5 and b4. In the first line, the idea often is a5 and Ba6, and then black tries to push b4 to open the diagonal.
With d5, the game becomes more positional, and black has good development and keeps a pawn in the center.
The mainline is with d6, and then if you mix it with c6, white can play Qf3, which looks active. In reality, it is not so dangerous even if black should go e6, and then after you develop the knights, e5 should be played.
If d6 and Nf6, it goes to the main lines. Here a common trick is Ne4 and d5 to take the piece back. You have to be ready for e5, which is the main idea for white. The knight should be able to go to d5 after dxe5.
Overall, black has a good game in both lines.

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