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GM Petrov’s Master the Modern Opening for black - Video 2

Opening: A10: English Opening


This video will show you what to do against the English opening, starting with c4 and Nc3. After white goes g3, black has many choices like c5,e5 Nf6. I suggest e5, then d6. Now white has to decide what to do with his pawns and the knight. We assume that he does not want to play d4. If he goes for Nf3 and d3 setup, black can choose between the early f5, followed by Nf6 and castle. Then black can play instead of the more common Nc6 simply c6 and Be6, trying to prepare d5. Another exciting plan is in case white goes for b4, b5 to close the position with c5. It gives the d5 outpost, but it closes all the files on the queenside. The alternative is to skip f5 and go Nf6, castle, and then Re8 and c6, preparing d5. If white goes for e3, d3, and Nge2 setup, you can again expand with f5, Nf6, and then c6. In my games, most of the time, white goes for the setup with d3 e4 Nge2. Then after f5, he often takes. Then I prefer to capture back with the bishop and to follow with Qd7 and, if possible, Bh3.

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