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GM Petrov’s Master the Modern Opening for black - Introduction

Opening: Modern Defense: B06


In this course, GM Marian shows you what his repertoire was for many, many years. It is pretty simple, but if you master it, you will be ready for everything. Marian used to play 1... g6 against every possible move. It was straightforward to prepare against him, but he was confident that knowing his lines always kept him away from trouble. This move order is annoying for many white players who play the English opening or know only the main lines of their openings with d4 or e4. Skipping Nf6, comparing to the Pirc and the KID allows black sometimes to put early pressure against d4 and to try Nc6 ideas. Against Nf3 and g3, when black goes g6 and Bg7, he wants to play e5, so White has to decide if he goes d4 or has to settle for d3 later. If white goes for the d4 main lines, black at some point has to play either the Benoni or the KID. GM Petrov shows you the main ideas of both openings. In the Pirc, black can go early a6 and b5. Then he could develop the queenside first, which starts his counterplay fast in case white goes for 0-0-0. Skipping Nf6 does not allow white to go for e5. The ideas for black are similar on many occasions, so we hope that you will like the course and have fun. Good luck!

Teacher's library (147) Modern Defense opening

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